If you are fond of shopping and among all other activities, shopping is where you are passionate about, then it might be a good stepping stone to lead you to the career that you want to excel on. However, the work in itself is not the hard part. The difficult part is the search for a clientele that would shift your passion as some sort of legitimate business. Personal shoppers are similar to fashion consultants in a way that people are going to trust and pay you for your expertise. However, these customers are always to ask, how qualified are you to be a personal shopper?  

Listed below are some of the strategies that may help you on your journey to becoming a personal shopper. Take note that all of the activities below are necessary in order to add up to your skill as a personal shopper.  

  1. Work a Retail Job 

This is particularly true especially when you work in a high-end department store, jewelry store or other businesses where fine and expensive things are sold. You have to think about the clientele that you want to have as well as the things that they might want to shop. When you are promoted into a management position, then you might be very effective in your field of expertise. 

  1. Work with a Party or Event Planner 

Event planners and organizers are almost always shopping- preparing gifts, decorating, choosing materials that are high quality and things like that. Personal shopping business might involve shopping because of almost any reasons. You want to be resilient and flexible in terms of your expertise this is why you have to have the knowledge about almost all products sold in the market.  

  1. Network Clients 

If you have a regular customer in the jobs presented above, that mean they like the way how you choose dresses and jewelries for them. This means that they trust your taste and your expertise in choosing the right things that would fit them. This is the time where you have to gain contact with these clients. These kinds of people are good source for a clientele.  

  1. Collect a portfolio of your work 

You need to show your future clientele the kinds of work you have had in the past this is why the best evidence of your expertise in terms of shopping is to have a portfolio of your past works. For instance, if you have experienced organizing and planning an event, the gift buying and other related activities, you always have to include photos. Or better yet, you have to get the clients’ statements as well as endorsements as much as possible. Your future customers are looking forward to hearing how pleased your past clientele were with what you’ve done.  

  1. Apply for business license 

This is particularly important not only in the context that your city or county demands you to do so, but licenses are a good evidence to your clients that what you are doing- personal shopping- is a legitimate business and all the tax will go to where it should be. Moreover, business license gives clients a sense that you are really capable of doing the work and that you and your business are legally built.